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Shires Performance Mud Socks

SKU 10412-COB
£39.00 GBP
Colour: Black

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The Shires Performance Mud Socks are designed to provide superior protection and comfort for your horse, particularly in muddy conditions. Heres why they are a valuable addition to your horses gear:

Ergonomic Shaping: These deluxe mud socks are carefully shaped to ensure a snug and comfortable fit on your horses legs. The ergonomic design offers a close fit, which is essential for maximum protection against mud fever and other potential issues.

Protection Against Bumps and Scrapes: The dense neoprene material used in these mud socks acts as a reliable shield, guarding your horses legs against bumps, scrapes, and minor injuries that can occur while navigating muddy terrain. This protection helps maintain the overall well-being of your horses legs.

Airflow Perforations: The mud socks feature airflow perforations within the neoprene material. This innovative design promotes proper ventilation and airflow around your horses legs. Its especially important in preventing heat buildup and discomfort in muddy conditions.

Secure Touch Close Straps: These mud socks are equipped with secure touch close straps that ensure a snug and dependable fit on your horses legs. This feature keeps the mud socks in place, even in challenging conditions.

Front or Hind Leg Compatibility: The Shires Performance Mud Socks are versatile and can be used on both the front and hind legs, offering comprehensive protection.

Set of 2: Each package includes a set of two mud socks, providing protection for a pair of legs.

The Shires Performance Mud Socks offer an excellent solution to protect your horse from the challenges of muddy conditions, whether during turnout or while riding. The combination of ergonomic design, neoprene protection, and airflow features makes them a reliable choice for safeguarding your horses legs and minimizing the risk of mud-related issues like mud fever.