Stable Equipment

Turfmasters Corner Manger

Turfmasters Corner Manger

Mounted easily in corner of stable for ergonomic feeding. Bracket sold separately. Learn More

£16.50 GBP

- £22.00 GBP

Turfmasters Extra Large Anti-Vice Haynet

Turfmasters Extra Large Anti-Vice Haynet

Nylon haynet with rings for easy fill.  Extra large capacity. Tiny holes to keep the horse occupied for longer. Learn More

£14.95 GBP

- £16.00 GBP

Turfmasters Flat Back Bucket

Sits neatly against the stable wall taking up less space than a traditional round bucket. May also be hung up for for extra security against spillages.   Learn More

£13.00 GBP

Turfmasters Hook Over Manger

Hooks over stable doors or a field fence for safe and convenient feeding. Learn More

£12.50 GBP