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Spurs and Accessories

  • EasySpur - 30mm / Ball End
    EasySpur - 15mm / Straight
    Kennedy Equine


    from £30.49 GBP

    GUARANTEED Against Breakag F.E.I. Approved for all disciplines including showjumping, eventing and dressage This specially manufactured Stainle...

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    from £30.49 GBP
  • Feel SS Polo Spur

    Feel SS Polo Spur

    £24.79 GBP

    The Polo spurs are covered with black non-slip rubber. They are sleek and preserve your riding boots from being chafed.

    £24.79 GBP
  • QHP Women Knob Spur & rubber - 20mm

    QHP Women Knob Spur & rubber

    £20.00 GBP

    Material: stainless steel Material protector: rubber Stainless steel spurs with knobs Rubber boot protector Comes with nylon spur straps 

    £20.00 GBP