Bandages & Wraps

Animo Wenz Bandages

The Animo Wenz Bandages are a superb item that enable you to quickly and efficiently bandage your horse’s legs whilst providing a secure and comfortable fit. Designed with a luxuriously... Learn More

£21.50 GBP

Animo Wils 4 Pack

Set of 4 polo antistatic fleece bandages Animo Wils. Polo Horse bands, antistatic fleece, with velcro closure. These bandages are comfortable and safe for the horse, supporting the tendons and... Learn More

£27.50 GBP

Equiline Polo Bandages

The Equiline Polo Bandages are made of fleece with a heavy duty Velcro fastening. They are sold in packs of four and come in a wide range of colours. Learn More

£21.99 GBP

Equiline Stable Bandages

Stable bandages in soft cotton with heavy duty Velcro fastening. Thanks to the fabric being specially treated, shavings do not stick to the bandages. Bandages are sold in packs of two. Learn More

£17.99 GBP

Eskadron Climatex Bandages

Eskadron Climatex training bandages are made from a highly elastic, hard wearing acryl-polyamide/lycra material, combined with a Climatex section which winds onto the leg first, providing optimum protection for any pressure... Learn More

£28.00 GBP

Eskadron Training Bandages

Eskadron Training Bandages are high elastic and hard wearing. They are made from Acryl-polyamide-lycra material with a double velcro fastening. These bandages protect tendons and ligaments. Best results when used... Learn More

£24.00 GBP

Ice Vibe Cold Pack

The Horseware Ice Vibe Spare Cold Packs can be used with the Horseware Ice Vibe Boot. The cold packs remain functional for up to 40 minutes. To use the packs... Learn More

From: £18.00 GBP

Ice Vibe Hock Wrap

The shape and movement of the hock makes hock problems some of the most difficult to treat. In response to the need for an effective hock treatment, ICE-VIBE have developed... Learn More

£155.00 GBP

Ice Vibe Knee Wrap

The Horseware Ice Vibe Knee Boots are designed to help you prepare your horse's legs before exercise and to reduce inflammation, discomfort and bruising afterwards by increasing circulation to the knees.... Learn More

£155.00 GBP

Norton Stable Boots

These risk free and easy to put on stable wraps make them ideal for use in the stable or whilst travelling. The outer shell is made from anatomic neoprene with... Learn More

£65.00 GBP

Pro Plast

Top quality elastic adhesive bandage ProPlast gives a strong level of adhesion with a minimal level of residue. Learn More

From: £4.00 GBP

Turfmasters Neoprene Tail Guard

Velcro Straps D-ring Wide to fit almost all tails Learn More

£8.50 GBP

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