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Meet The Team

Meet the Staff at TRI Equestrian NI

Gareth - Manager of TRI Equestrian 

Gareth, the driving force behind TRI Equestrian NI as our esteemed Manager. With a degree in Marketing and a wealth of experience in the retail industry, as well as a history of producing Show Jumping horses, Gareth is a seasoned professional who has been a vital part of our team since our doors first opened. 

Gareth's extensive background in marketing brings a unique perspective to our operations, ensuring that TRI not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers. His years of experience in the retail sector have honed his leadership skills and his commitment to providing top-notch service. 

Beyond his role at TRI, Gareth has a deep-rooted background in show jumping, further solidifying his connection to the equestrian world. His personal passion for the sport shines through in his dedication to TRI's mission, which is to serve and support the equestrian community. 

Gareth's enduring presence and leadership since our inception have been instrumental in shaping TRI Equestrian into what it is today—a trusted hub for equestrian retail. We are proud to have him at the helm, guiding our team and ensuring our customers receive the best possible service and products. 


John - Assistant Manager 

John is our dedicated Assistant Manager at TRI. John's journey with our team began in October 2020 when he joined us part-time, all while juggling his full-time role in the equine industry. His extensive background in horse care as well as in sales and marketing for a local horse feed company brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team right from the start.  

In September 2023, John transitioned to a full-time role at TRI as assistant manager and revamped our website and online sales operation, further solidifying his commitment to our mission and the equestrian community we serve. His passion for the equine world shines through in every aspect of his work, making him an integral part of our team's success. 

Beyond the shop and the office, John shares his life with a horse and a loyal dog, showcasing his genuine love for animals. His dedication to his own four-legged companions reflects his unwavering commitment to the well-being of all our customers and their horses.  

John's journey from part-time to full-time at TRI Equestrian is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and deep-rooted passion for the equestrian industry. We are proud to have him as our Assistant Manager, guiding our team and helping our customers achieve their equestrian dreams. 


Sarah - Accounts and Customer Service 

Meet Sarah, the diligent and dedicated member of our team who takes care of accounts and customer service here at TRI Equestrian. With just over a year of service under her belt, Sarah has quickly become an essential part of our organisation. 

Coming from a background deeply rooted in the equestrian industry, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to her role. Her firsthand experience with horses and the equestrian world gives her a unique perspective that benefits both our accounts and customer service operations. 

Beyond the office, Sarah shares her life with two cherished ponies and a loyal canine companion. Her commitment to caring for her animals mirrors her dedication to ensuring our customers receive the best possible service and support. 

Sarah's expertise and passion for all things equestrian make her a valuable asset to our team. Her role in managing accounts and providing top-notch customer service ensures that our customers and suppliers have a seamless and positive experience with TRI Equestrian. 

We're proud to have Sarah on board, and we look forward to her continued contributions to our success and her unwavering dedication to the equestrian community we serve.  


Shirley – Customer Assistant 

Shirley is a valued member of our team at TRI Equestrian, where she has proudly served as a Sales Associate for over five years. Her dedication and expertise have played a vital role in providing exceptional service to our customers and maintaining our commitment to the equestrian community. 

Beyond her role at TRI, Shirley also contributes her passion and knowledge to the equestrian world as the Assistant District Commissioner (DC) of the Iveagh Pony Club. This role highlights her commitment to nurturing young equestrians and fostering a love for riding and horsemanship in the next generation. 

With a wealth of experience in both the retail and equestrian sectors, Shirley's insights and guidance have been invaluable to our team and our customers. Her dedication to her role as a sales associate and her commitment to the Pony Club make her an integral part of both TRI Equestrian and the broader equestrian community. 

We're proud to have Shirley as a part of our team, and we look forward to many more years of her expertise and passion benefiting both our customers and young equestrians in the Iveagh Pony Club. 


Rachel – Customer Assistant 

Rachael joined the TRI Equestrian team in September 2020 and has been a valuable part-time member of our staff ever since. Currently, she is pursuing her studies in accounting and law at Ulster University, demonstrating her dedication to both her education and her role here at TRI. 

Outside of her professional and academic pursuits, Rachael is a passionate pet lover. She shares her home with a lively bunch of furry friends, including five cats and a loving dog. Her deep affection for animals reflects her caring nature and her commitment to nurturing the well-being of those around her. 

Rachael's presence at TRI Equestrian has not only enriched our team but also exemplified her ability to balance her career and her studies while remaining dedicated to her four-legged companions. We appreciate her hard work and her passion for animals, which make her an exceptional addition to our team. 


Paddy - Customer Assistant 

Paddy is a respected and dedicated member of the TRI Equestrian team, with an impressive four-year tenure. His passion for horses and commitment to our mission shine through in his dual roles as a full-time classroom assistant and part-time team member at TRI. 

Paddy's educational background is equally impressive, holding a degree in Equine Management from CAFRE (College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise). His academic achievements reflect his deep-rooted interest and expertise in the equine industry. 

Beyond his roles at school and TRI, Paddy and his family are well-known and highly regarded in the local show jumping scene. Their involvement and contributions have left a lasting impact on the equestrian community, showcasing Paddy's dedication to the sport and his commitment to its growth. 

Paddy's unique blend of education, hands-on experience, and active involvement in the equestrian world make him an invaluable asset to our team. We are proud to have him as part of the TRI Equestrian family and look forward to many more years of his unwavering dedication to our mission and the local equestrian community. 



Johnny – Customer Assistant 

Johnny, a dedicated and versatile member of our TRI Equestrian team has been with us since the beginning. Johnny has been a reliable part-time Customer Assistant, enriching our customers' shopping experience with his expertise and passion for all things equestrian. 

But Johnny's talents don't stop at our store's threshold. He leads a multifaceted life deeply entwined with horses. When he's not assisting our customers, Johnny immerses himself in the film industry, where his knowledge and horsemanship are in high demand for productions that require equine expertise. 

Beyond the film set, Johnny's dedication extends to his own home, where he breeds and trains event horses. This hands-on experience not only adds to his wealth of equestrian knowledge but also demonstrates his commitment to the betterment of the equestrian community as a whole. 

Johnny's unique combination of work at TRI, involvement in the film industry, and his role as a breeder and trainer showcases his unwavering passion and dedication to the equestrian world. We're proud to have Johnny as part of our team, and we appreciate his continuous contributions to TRI Equestrian and the broader equestrian community. 


Erinn - Customer Assistant

We're thrilled to introduce Erinn, the newest addition to our team at TRI Equestrian. Joining us as a part-time Customer Assistant, Erinn brings enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to our store.

Since March 2024, Erinn has been a valuable member of our team, dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers. Her passion for the equestrian world and eagerness to learn make her a perfect fit for our team.

As our newest recruit, Erinn is eager to immerse herself in all aspects of TRI Equestrian and contribute to our mission of serving the equestrian community with excellence.

We're excited to have Erinn on board, and we look forward to seeing her grow and thrive in her role with us. Welcome to the team, Erinn!