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Compositi Reflex Stirrups

£31.50 GBP

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The Compositi Reflex Stirrups are designed with several innovative features to enhance rider comfort and safety. Here are their key features:

  • Glass-Fibre Reinforcement: These stirrups feature glass-fibre reinforcement, which adds durability and strength to the design.

  • Swivel Sole: The swivel sole of the Compositi Reflex stirrup is positioned on a shock-absorbent layer, which helps relieve tension from knees and joints. This design promotes rider comfort, especially during long rides.

  • Quick Foot Release: The slender profile of these stirrups has been specifically designed for quick foot release in case of an emergency, ensuring rider safety.

  • High Shock Resistance: They offer high resistance to shocks and dampness, even at low temperatures, making them suitable for various riding conditions.

  • Size: Available in an adult size: 4.75

These stirrups are not suitable for children under age 12. The Compositi Reflex Stirrups are an excellent choice for riders looking for innovative features that prioritize comfort and safety during their rides.