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WoofWear Smart Event Boot - Hind

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WoofWear Smart Event Boot Hind

The WoofWear Smart Event Boot Hind is a high-performance boot designed for serious competitors, especially in advanced competitions like cross country. Here are the key features and benefits:

  • Premium Protection: This technical boot is crafted with innovative materials and design to provide the best possible support and protection for your horse. It offers 360-degree coverage and is particularly focused on protecting the tendons and cannon bones.

  • Triple-Layer Design: The boot features a tri-layer design for maximum protection. It includes a vented PU shell, D3O® impact protection, and a breathable neoprene liner. The mesh lining prevents dirt and grit from entering the boot, maintaining your horses comfort.

  • D3O® Technology: Woof Wears patented D3O® technology is a standout feature of this boot. The impact protection material contains unique molecules that flow freely at rest but lock together upon impact. This locking mechanism absorbs energy, reducing the force of the blow. The harder the impact, the more effectively the molecules lock together, providing superior protection.

  • Secure Fit: The boot is equipped with a double-lock closure system to ensure it stays securely in place on your horses hind leg. This secure fit gives you the confidence to perform at your best in your chosen equestrian discipline.

For riders who demand the highest level of protection and performance for their horses in advanced competitions, the WoofWear Smart Event Boot Hind is a top choice. It combines cutting-edge technology with durability and comfort, allowing you and your horse to excel in the sport you love.