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WoofWear Medical Hoof Boot

SKU 10495-H0
£35.50 GBP

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WoofWear Medical Hoof Boot 

The WoofWear Medical Hoof Boot is a straightforward and effective solution for protecting your horses hooves during injury or treatment. Here are the key features and considerations for this product:

  • Ease of Use: Riders appreciate the simplicity of the Medical Hoof Boot. It requires only a small amount of adhesive tape to hold the poultice or dressing in place before fitting the boot.

  • Materials: The boot is made from super-stretch neoprene, ensuring a snug and close fit. The inner sole is reinforced with Kevlar® for durability, while the non-slip rubber outsole provides secure footing.

  • Versatility: This hoof boot can be used with or without horseshoes, making it suitable for various situations and treatment needs.

  • Sold Singly: Its important to note that the Medical Hoof Boot is sold as a single boot, so be sure to order the correct quantity based on your needs.

Important Consideration: When measuring for this hoof boot, its crucial to ensure a snug fit. Additionally, its recommended to cover the Medical Hoof Boot with an overreach boot, as horses may inadvertently step on their own feet during use.

The WoofWear Medical Hoof Boot is a practical and versatile solution for protecting and treating your horses hooves during injuries or therapeutic processes.