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Veredus E Vento Front Boots - Black

by Veredus
£142.00 GBP
Colour: Black

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Veredus E Vento Front 

The Veredus E Vento Front Boot boasts a range of features that prioritize your horses comfort and protection during various activities. Heres a concise summary of its key attributes:

  • Double Ventilation: The Vento system, featuring double ventilation, effectively cools the tendons by expelling heat away from the leg.

  • Aerox Micro-Perforated Neoprene: This boot utilizes Aerox micro-perforated neoprene for optimal leg transpiration. It minimizes sweating and overheating during periods of activity.

  • Waterproof: The boots waterproof design ensures it wont absorb or retain water. This feature makes it suitable for all weather and ground conditions, guaranteeing a dry and comfortable experience.

  • Lightweight: Despite its durability, this boot remains lightweight. It offers robust protection while allowing for freedom of movement and flexibility, essential for the horses comfort.

  • Shock Absorber Function: The boot features highly protective polyurethane foam pads that act as shock absorbers, reducing the transmission of shocks and impacts to the horses leg.

  • Ideal for Cross-Country: The boots slippery material is ideal for safe and efficient jumping over cross-country obstacles, making it a valuable choice for riders participating in this discipline.

The Veredus E Vento Front Boot is a versatile option designed to enhance your horses performance and well-being, suitable for various equestrian activities.