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Shires Neoprene Tailguard & Bag - Black

SKU 1056
£20.70 GBP
Colour: Black

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The Shires Neoprene Tailguard & Bag in black is a versatile and protective solution for horse owners, especially when traveling. Heres why this combination of a tail guard and detachable tail bag is a valuable addition to your equestrian gear:

Tail Protection: The AMRA neoprene tail guard is designed to protect the tail dock from injury, especially during travel. It acts as a protective barrier to safeguard the tail from rubbing and potential damage.

Tidy and Clean: What sets this product apart is the detachable pull-through tail bag. It not only helps keep the tail tidy but also ensures it stays clean during transportation. This is especially useful when maintaining your horses tail in excellent condition is a priority.

Rubberized Inner Lining: The tail guard itself features a rubberized inner lining. This lining enhances the durability and functionality of the guard, ensuring it effectively serves its protective role.

Secure Fastening: Touch-close fastenings are included to help keep the tail guard securely in place. You can have confidence that it will stay put, offering consistent protection during travel.

The Shires Neoprene Tailguard & Bag in black is a practical and comprehensive solution for protecting and maintaining your horses tail during travel. It combines the advantages of tail protection and cleanliness, making it a valuable accessory for horse owners on the move.