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Racesafe Blinkers - Black

SKU 11440
£75.00 GBP
Colour: Black

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Racesafe Blinkers in Black are an essential and versatile part of racing equipment, offering both practicality and style. These premium blinkers feature a robust Nylon Satin design and are available in a complete range of colors, although black is particularly popular for its classic appearance. They also offer the option for alternate color trim and additional designs, allowing riders to customize their look. Elastic straps ensure a snug, comfortable, and secure fit, which is crucial during races, providing riders with confidence and focus.

Racesafe Blinkers are available in three distinct cup designs, each offering different fields of vision: Full Cup, Half Cup, and Visor. Please note that they stock the full cup design exclusively. With their premium Nylon construction, a range of cup options, full color spectrum, various trim and design choices, and a focus on comfort and security, Racesafe Blinkers in Black are a dependable choice for riders seeking top-quality racing equipment.