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Poultice Boots

SKU 10445-SML
£28.00 GBP
Colour: Blue

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The ARMA Poultice Boots are a versatile and durable solution for various equine needs. Heres why they are a valuable addition to your horses gear:

Suitable for Multiple Uses: These poultice boots are suitable for both indoor use and turnout. They are particularly useful when continuous soaking of the hoof is necessary, helping to provide the care and treatment your horse needs. Additionally, they can be used to keep dressings secure and clean or in conjunction with a shoe.

Secure Closure: The wide neck of the poultice boot is drawn shut with a buckle, providing a secure and adjustable closure. A touch-close strap further ensures that the boot stays in place during use.

Textured Sole: The poultice boots feature a textured sole, which serves to reduce the risk of slipping. This is especially important when your horse is moving around, as it helps prevent accidents and injuries.

Washable and Reusable: These poultice boots are designed to be washable and reusable, making them a cost-effective choice for horse owners. You can easily clean and maintain them for multiple uses.

Regular Horse Check: The product highlights the importance of checking your horse on a regular basis. This is a reminder of the ongoing care and attention that horses require for their well-being.

The ARMA Poultice Boots are a practical and versatile addition to your horse care equipment. Whether you need them for hoof treatment, wound dressing, or other purposes, these boots offer a secure and reliable solution.