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MX9 Mains Energiser

SKU 17620
£449.95 GBP

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MX9 Mains Energizer - your reliable solution for electric fencing over vast areas. With a powerful 9 joules of energy, this mains energizer is suitable for approximately 110 acres or 32 kilometers of fence line. The MX9 stands out thanks to its advanced microchip technology, allowing precise digital control of the pulse to ensure maximum effectiveness under various conditions. Featuring a 7-light display, this energizer provides users with highly visible, easy-to-read information on system performance, visible up to 30 meters in normal light conditions. Additionally, it offers the convenience of output options in both full and half power, which can be used simultaneously, ensuring flexibility in your fencing needs. With an audible low output alarm and straightforward installation and maintenance, the MX9 Mains Energizer is the ideal choice for efficient and effective electric fencing across large areas. Trust in MX Range for your electric fencing requirements and experience top-tier performance and ease of use.