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Multivit Complex For Dogs

by TRM
SKU 14610-200ML
£13.30 GBP

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Multivit Complex Complete Balanced Nutritional Support for Energy & Vitality. MULTIVIT Complex is a complete everyday vitamin and trace mineral feed supplement for dogs and is suitable for all breeds and ages. MULTIVIT Complex provides all the vitamins and trace minerals needed for general good health, energy and vitality. MULTIVIT Complex also contains Lecithin which is a palatable and digestible source of phospholipids. Phospholipids support many cellular, physiological and metabolic activities related to muscular function and athletic ability. It has key nutritional roles in energy utilization, cell structure, growth and metabolism. Enriching dogs diets with lecithin can result in better-looking dogs, mentally sharper dogs and dogs that perform at a higher level. ?Feeding Instructions: Mix MULTIVIT COMPLEX well into the feed. Feed each dog individually. Small Dogs (up to 5 kg): 2 ml Medium Dogs (5 kg to 15 kg): 4 ml Large Dogs (15 kg to 30 kg): 6 ml Very Large Dogs (over 30 kg): 8 ml A dosing pump is included which dispenses 1 ml.