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Learner Dressage Test Board

by Shires
SKU 12897

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The Learner Dressage Test Board by Shires is a valuable tool for dressage enthusiasts and riders looking to improve their skills. This double-sided board is designed to help you practice dressage tests off your horse. One side features the layout of the long arena, while the other displays the short arena layout, allowing you to practice a variety of test scenarios.

The board is made from a wipe-clean material, making it easy to erase and reuse for multiple practice sessions. It comes complete with a wipe-off pen for your convenience. With dimensions of 35cm (14 inches) by 23cm (9 inches), the Learner Dressage Test Board is compact and portable, making it a practical addition to your training routine. Whether youre a beginner learning the ropes or an experienced rider honing your skills, this board is a helpful aid for perfecting your dressage tests and improving your overall performance.