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Falsterbo Shavings Fork

SKU 14357
£29.00 GBP

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The Falsterbo Shavings Fork is one of the latest, innovative products to hit the equestrian market. An essential addition to all yards, the Falsterbo Fork combines practicality and durability to offer an unbelievably strong and functional yard tool, designed to withstand extreme weight and pressure. Adopting a wider surface area to allow the removal of more waste at one time, the hardwearing prongs allow for flexibility to prevent breakage when tension is applied while returning to thier original state when not in use. Benefitting from an ergonomic design and lightweight finish improving ease of use, this virtually indestructable apparatus offers all you need in a shavings fork. With 100,000 pieces sold worldwide last year and this number only increasing, the Falsterbo Shavings fork has recieved nothing but outstanding reviews and really is the next must have product on the market today!
Tynes are 1.5cm apart in width.