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ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots

£26.99 GBP

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ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots

The ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots are a set of lightweight protective boots designed to safeguard your horses legs during exercise or various activities. These boots offer several features for the horses well-being.

Key features:

  • Air Motion Fabric: The boots are constructed with Air Motion fabric, which helps in keeping the horses legs cool and aids in the circulation of air. This feature is essential in preventing overheating and maintaining comfort during exercise.

  • Supportive and Shock Absorbent: These boots are not only lightweight but also offer support to the horses legs. They are designed to be compression-resistant, which means they provide stability to the leg while preventing excessive compression. Moreover, they have shock-absorbent properties to reduce the impact on the legs during various activities.

  • Strike Resistant Pads: The boots are equipped with tough strike-resistant pads. These pads are placed strategically to protect the horses legs from potential impacts or strikes, providing an extra layer of defense.

  • Touch Close Fastenings: The boots are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the touch-close fastenings. This feature ensures a secure and snug fit around the horses legs.

The ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots are designed to offer protection, comfort, and support for your horses legs. Their lightweight and breathable design, along with features like strike-resistant pads and compression resistance, make them a valuable addition to your horses protective gear.