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ACavallo Gel Tail Bandage - Black

£49.50 GBP

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ACavallo  Gel Tail Bandage

The Acavallo Gel Tail Bandage is designed to provide protection and support to your horses tail during travel or other activities. Here are the key features:

  • Design: This bandage combines the features of a tail bandage and a tail guard. It offers a comprehensive solution to protect the horses tail.

  • Pressure Absorption: The gel material in the bandage absorbs any pressure that may occur when the horse sits on its tail or rubs it against surfaces. This helps prevent discomfort or damage to the tail.

  • Secure Fit: The sticky gel ensures that the tail bandage stays in place and does not slip during use. This helps keep the tail in perfect condition, especially during travel or other situations where the tail might be at risk of damage.

  • Color: The Acavallo Gel Tail Bandage is available in black, and it features a velcro strap for easy application and removal.

This bandage is a practical solution for tail protection and can be particularly useful when traveling with your horse or in situations where tail damage might occur.