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Waldhausen Tie Chain Tie with Plastic Cover

SKU 10125-55CM
£13.95 GBP

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The Waldhausen Chain Tie with Plastic Cover is a practical and versatile equestrian tool designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your horse during various activities. This product typically consists of a metal chain with a plastic cover or sleeve.

The chain tie can be used for a variety of purposes in the stable, barn, or while traveling. It is often used for securely tying your horse in place, such as when grooming, tacking up, or for other tasks where you need your horse to stand still. The plastic cover or sleeve serves to protect your horse from injury or discomfort, ensuring that the tie doesnt chafe or harm your horse.

This combination of a chain tie and plastic cover is a useful addition to your horse care and management equipment, providing a safe and reliable way to secure your horse in various situations while minimizing the risk of injury or discomfort.