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Turf Master Pillow Wraps Set of 2

SKU 10578-12
£23.50 GBP

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Turf Master Pillow Wraps

The Turf Master Pillow Wraps is a set of two cotton wraps designed to be used under bandages. These wraps serve various purposes, particularly during traveling and in stable settings. Heres what you need to know about them:

  • Pack of Two: The product includes two pillow wraps, providing you with a pair of wraps for your horses needs.

  • Cotton Material: These wraps are made from cotton, which is a breathable and comfortable fabric. Cotton is often used in equine products for its soft and gentle feel against the horses skin.

  • Use with Bandages: Pillow wraps are typically used underneath bandages. They can add an extra layer of cushioning and protection to the horses legs when bandages are applied, helping to prevent discomfort or injury.

  • For Travel and Stable: Pillow wraps can be utilized during travel to provide support and cushioning for the horses legs. They are also handy in stable environments to aid in leg protection and comfort.

In summary, the Turf Master Pillow Wraps are a pair of cotton wraps designed to be worn under bandages. They can be used during travel or in the stable to provide additional cushioning and protection for your horses legs, ensuring their comfort and well-being.