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Shires Zeb Tek Fly Boots

by Shires
SKU 10546-PONY
£35.00 GBP
Colour: Black

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The Shires Zeb Tek Fly Boots are a remarkable innovation inspired by nature and informed by science. Heres why they are a valuable addition to your horses gear:

Monochromatic Technology: Scientific research has shown that stripes are effective in preventing flies from landing on horses. The ZEB-TEK fabric incorporates these stripes to deter bothersome flies and biting insects. By keeping them away from the horses legs, these fly boots help prevent discomfort and irritation.

Air Motion 3D Fabric: The fly boots are specially designed in ventilated Air Motion 3D fabric. This design enhances airflow and reduces heat buildup, keeping your horses legs cool and comfortable.

Secure and Elevated: Stiffened vertical seams at the back of the fly boots help keep them secure and elevated. This ensures that the boots remain in place, providing effective protection.

Lightweight and Ergonomic: The fly boots are lightweight and ergonomically shaped. This design not only offers excellent protection but also guarantees superior comfort. Fleece-bound edges add an extra layer of comfort for your horse.

Secure Fastening: Touch-close straps make it easy to securely fasten the fly boots. This ensures that they stay in place during various equestrian activities.

UV Protection: The fly boots offer 80% UV blocking, helping to diminish the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching. This UV protection is a valuable feature, especially for horses exposed to sunlight.

Please note that the effectiveness of the fly boots may diminish over time. Its important to follow the care instructions to maintain their performance. Test results have been carried out in accordance with industry standards to validate their efficacy.

The Shires Zeb Tek Fly Boots are a smart and science-backed solution to keep your horse comfortable and protected from flies and the sun during outdoor activities.