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Schockemohle Power Saddlepad

Colour: Navy

Price Match Guarantee applies to footwear, helmets and body protectors. For full terms and conditions click here.

The Schockemohle Power Saddlepad is a high-quality saddle pad designed with several features for the comfort and performance of both horse and rider. Here are its key features:

  • Material: Made from cotton, providing a comfortable and breathable surface for the horse.

  • Quick Dry Inside: The quick-dry inside material ensures fast wicking, keeping the horses back dry and comfortable during riding.

  • Anatomical Back Line: The pad is designed with an anatomical back line, ensuring a better fit and comfort for the horse.

  • Short Strap: Equipped with a short strap to attach the pad securely to the saddle, preventing it from shifting during riding.

  • Topline Logo Embroidery: Features logo embroidery on the topline for a stylish touch.

  • Decorative Logo Embroidery: Additionally, there is decorative logo embroidery on the left side, adding to the pads aesthetics.

  • Additional Rope: Comes with one rope for attachment and positioning.

  • PVC Batch: The saddle pad includes a PVC batch in the girth area to protect the fabric from wear and tear.

The Schockemohle Power Saddlepad is a practical and stylish choice for riders looking to enhance both their horses comfort and the overall riding experience.