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QHP Soundless Ears for Earnet - Black

by QHP
£5.50 GBP
Colour: Black

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The QHP Soundless Ears for Ear Net in Black are designed to enhance your horses comfort and reduce noise disturbances during riding. Here are the technical details:

  • Fabric Composition: Made of neoprene, known for its flexibility and durability.
  • Neoprene Ears: These neoprene ears are intended to be inserted into an ear net, providing an extra layer of sound dampening and protection.
  • Compatibility: Particularly suitable for ear nets with elastane ears.
  • Sound Dampening: The neoprene ears have a sound-dampening effect, helping to create a more calming and focused environment for your horse.
  • Set of Two: The product includes a set of two neoprene ears.
  • Length of the Neoprene Ears: Different sizes available:
    • Pony = 15 cm
    • Cob = 17 cm
    • Full = 18 cm
  • Maintenance: These neoprene ears are machine washable at 30 degrees. Its recommended to wash the ear net with the neoprene ears in a laundry bag and avoid using fabric softener. Tumble drying should also be avoided to maintain their quality.

The QHP Soundless Ears are a practical addition for riders seeking to create a quieter and more focused riding experience for their horse.