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Premier E

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Premier E

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Premier E is a concentrated Vitamin E supplement for horses and ponies needing the highest levels of nutritional input.

Premier E is a powerful anti-oxidant formula which helps mop up free radicals in the muscle tissue. Premier E also helps build healthy muscles and aids fertility.

Product Benefits

  • High vitamin E content for natural peak performance
  • Four key ingredients in a glucose base
  • Assists in the maintenance of fertility in broodmares and stallions
  • Helps to maintain healthy muscle tissue
  • High concentration of Methionine and Lysine
  • 3,000iu of Vitamin E per day

Daily Feeding Instructions

  • Horses in training or competition - 50g
  • Breeding stock - 50g
  • Ponies - 25g

Additives per kg
Vitamin E (as a tocopherol acetate 60,000iu
Lysine 55,000mg
Methionine 20,000mg
Selenium 20mg