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Nettex Fly Repel Spray

by Nettex
SKU 14339
£26.90 GBP

Price Match Guarantee applies to footwear, helmets and body protectors. For full terms and conditions click here.

Some of the essential actives are DEET and Tea Tree Oil combined with a slow release evaporation blend. DEET is recognised as the industry standard repellent against flying insects and the MOD currently use DEET against midge protection for soldiers operating in the jungle. Tea Tree Oil is well known for its repellence efficacy and disinfectant properties.

Net-Tex blend the essential repellent actives with conditioners and moisturisers to slow down the evaporation process that ensures all day protection. Upon application the actives will sit on the surface and evaporate slower compared to water based solutions that cease to work once the water has evaporated.

Does not contain a gimmicky scent.

Gives all day protection and soothes after the sting.