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Kincade Degogue - Black

SKU 11383
£29.95 GBP

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This martingale puts pressure on certain parts of the head and neck, meaning that your horse is prevented from pulling of throwing their head too far back.

This type of martingale is fitted, as is generally the case with martingales, to the stomach of your horse via a girth or girth strap. The JHL De Gogue Martingale comes up your horses front and splits into two to meet the bit rings at the sides of their mouth. From here, the JHL De Gogue Martingale then comes up the head to meet a strap that runs across the back of the neck, before finally running back down towards the stomach, forming a triangular pattern at either side of your horses neck.

The strap at the top of your horses head works to pull their head down, while the pressure acting on the bit pulls in the opposite direction to gain an optimal riding position. The JHL De Gogue Martingale keeps this position as your horse trains, getting them used to such a riding style.

A strong leather strap is used by the JHL De Gogue Martingale at the back of the neck, offering a sturdy hold around the head to make sure of a good result from your horses training. Along with this, strong ropes are used around the sides of your horses face, while tough metal clips and fittings underpin the JHL De Gogue Martingale with a strong base, creating an overall hard wearing and effective piece of training equipment.