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Ice Vibe Knee Wrap - Complete Set

SKU 10811-KNEE
£169.95 GBP

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Ice-Vibe® Circulation Therapy is a combination of cooling and massage therapy to effectively process inflammation whilst stimulating repair of ligaments and tendons, allowing for a faster recovery. Ice-Vibe does what Ice cannot. Inflammation is a critical part of the repair process. Icing constricts the blood vessels and restricts blood flow to the injured area, delaying the healing process. Ice-Vibe boots are designed to gently cool the tissue to reduce swelling, but not remove inflammation completely.
Key Benefits:
• Reduces tendon stiffness pre-exercise
• Oxygenates tissue
• Improves recovery time
• Relieves Windgall pain
• Reduces scar tissue
• Encourages hoof growth
• Improves tendon injuries. Our hock boots are contoured to fit the hock area, while maintaining full movement. Stretchy pockets will allow insertion or removal of panels and cold packs with secure Velcro fastenings to prevent slipping. This set includes 2 hock wraps, 4 cold packs, 2 panels and 1 charger.