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Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets

by TRM
SKU 14424-3KG
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Supports the Regeneration of Hooves

HOOFMAKER CONCENTRATED PELLETS is a mineral (dietetic) feed for horses which supports the regeneration of hooves and skin.

  • A food supplement of superior formulation for better results.
  • Contains high levels of Biotin (37.5mg/day) + Methionine + Zinc + Copper + Calcium + Amino Acids.
  • Provides nutrients required for optimal hoof growth.

Instructions for Proper Use:

All horses: Feed 1 level scoop (50g) per day.

Foals and Ponies: Feed 25g per day

For best results it is recommended to use HOOFMAKER CONCENTRATED PELLETS daily for at least 180 days.


Calcium hydrogen orthophosphate, Soya beans, extruded, Dextrin, Lignocellulose.

Per 50mg/1kg: Methionine (Calcium salt of hydroxy analogue) 6,000mg/120,000mg, Biotin 37.5mg/750mg.

Per 50mg/1kg: Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 600mg/12,000mg, Copper (as Cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate) 120mg/2,400mg.

Crude Protein 9%, Crude Ash 53%, Crude Fat 3.1%, Crude Fibre 1.6%, Sodium 0.303%, Calcium 15.4%, Phosphorous 11.1%, Alanine 0.369%, Arginine 0.622%, Aspartic Acid 1%, Glutamic Acid 1.53%, Glycine 0.614%, Histidine 0.224%, Isoleucine 0.391%, Leucine 0.663%, Lysine 0.547%, Phenylalanine 0.448%, Proline 0.522%, Serine 0.435%, Threonine 0.342%, Tyrosine 0.32%, Valine 0.41%, Cystein and Cystine 0.136%.