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Helite Original Air Jacket

by Helite
£440.00 GBP
Colour: Navy

Price Match Guarantee applies to footwear, helmets and body protectors. For full terms and conditions click here.

The Treehouse Air Jacket by Helite is fully CE certified and has the marketss quickest trigger time of 0.1seconds.

Helite is the most proven and reliable air jacket on the market and is used by over 30 000 riders worldwide. The Helite Trigger system was used by all the top International and National Riders in the London Olympics.

• The Treehouse Air Jacket by Helite offers protection for the full length of the back and chest as well as protection for the sides and back of the neck minimising the risk of whiplash injuries as well as preventing impact injuries. It is the designed to be worn in conjunction with a body protector when competing, but the jacket can also be worn by itself.

• When not inflated the Air Jacket allows for full body movement. When inflated the jacket supports the spinal column to prevent over flexion of the spine.

• Your Air Jacket will arrive ready to use, it is supplied with its gas canister installed and with a lanyard to connect the rider to the saddle (with 1 extra canister supplied free of charge). The lanyard is a fixed length with a clip to attach to the ring on the saddle straps. The saddle strap attaches to the stirrup bars on the saddle and is included with the Air Jacket.

• The Treehouse Air Jacket by Helite when used with a BETA approved Level 3 body protector improves protection to the spine by up to 69%. It also provides approximately 45% more protection for the lower spine than a BETA level 3 body protector alone. The Air Jacket worn with or without a Body Protector, reduced the risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage, by as much as 20%.

• The Helite Trigger system uses a screw in canister - this is a proven and safe system when screwed in correctly,

• Our Size Guide will help you select the right size Air Jacket. Please be aware that the wearer of an Adult size Air Jacket must weigh at least 6 stone for the trigger mechanism to be activated in the event of a fall.

• Extra canisters are available to buy individually.

• Please read the manual that comes with the jacket before use.

If you have any queries or would like to talk to someone about the Treehouse Air Jacket range by Helite please