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Fybagee Bandage Pads (4s)

by Fybagee
SKU 17166
£17.00 GBP

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Fybagee Bandage Pads

The Fybagee Bandage Pads (4s) are specialized padding layers designed to be used under bandages for protection and support. These bandage pads consist of specially laminated layers of foam and felt, offering a combination of cushioning and support for the horses legs. Here are the key features:

  • Protective Padding: Fybagee bandage pads are designed to form a protective padding layer when placed under bandages. This padding helps protect the horses legs during various activities and can be particularly useful during exercise or when recovering from injuries.

  • Pack of 4: These bandage pads are conveniently sold in packs of four, making it easy to have an adequate supply on hand for your horses needs.

By using Fybagee Bandage Pads, you can provide additional comfort and protection to your horses legs when using bandages, whether for support during exercise or recovery from injuries. These pads help ensure that the bandages are comfortable and secure for your horse.