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Fetlock Ring

SKU 10434
£7.00 GBP

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The Fetlock Ring is a straightforward yet essential accessory that provides protective benefits for your horse. Heres why its a valuable addition to your horses gear:

Protection Against Injury: This tubular rubber ring serves as a protective barrier against injuries that can occur due to a close gait or overreaching, whether during turnout or riding. It helps prevent accidental contact between the horses fetlock and other body parts, reducing the risk of injury.

Easy to Fit: The Fetlock Ring is designed for convenience and simplicity. It is easy to fit onto your horses fetlock, allowing for quick and hassle-free application.

Secure Fastening: The ring features a secure fastening mechanism, utilizing a buckle and leather strap. This ensures that the ring remains firmly in place during use, providing continuous protection for your horse.

The Fetlock Ring is a practical and affordable solution to help safeguard your horse from common injuries related to movement. Whether during turnout or riding, this protective accessory offers peace of mind by reducing the risk of accidental self-inflicted injuries.