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Equisept Disinfectant- (50x10g)

by TRM
SKU 14283
£49.10 GBP

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Specialist Equine Disinfectant

EQUISEPT is presented as a 10g effervescent tablet (containing 5g Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC) – the active ingredient.)

EQUISEPT is a broad-spectrum disinfectant active against bacteria, viruses & fungi. It is particularly active against fungal spores, especially Aspergillus, many of which cause damage to horses and restrict performance.

Instructions for Proper Use:

Normal Use Rate: (300 PPM available Chlorine):
50 tablets per 500 litres water or 1 tablet in 10L water.
Double Use Rate: (600 PPM available Chlorine):
For porous surfaces and first time users.
100 tablets per 500 litres water or 1 tablet in 5 litres water.


For hard surface disinfection only. For External use only.


EQUISEPT in solution: For hard surface disinfection only, Efficient, Economical, Biodegradable, Easy to use – tablets dissolve readily (faster in warm water).

Applications by Power-Spray, Back-pack Spray, EquiSept-soaked cloths or Atmospheric Fogging: All surfaces (floors, walls, doors, etc.), Feeding/Drinking Equipment, Stables, Transport, Footwear Baths, Rubber Boots, Brushes, Water Tanks and Drinking Lines, Bulk Silos.