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Effax Leather Grip Stick

by Effax
SKU 14156
£9.00 GBP

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The Effax Leather-Grip-Stick is a product designed to improve the grip on leather, making it ideal for riders. Here are some key features and benefits of this product:

  1. Easy Application: The Leather-Grip-Stick is designed for easy and convenient use. It comes in a twist-and-turn stick format, making it simple to apply the active substance to the leather without any mess.

  2. Enhanced Grip: This product is formulated to provide a good firm grip on leather surfaces. It helps riders maintain control and stability during their rides, without making the leather feel sticky.

  3. Safe for Leather and Riding Wear: The Leather-Grip-Stick is formulated to be gentle on leather and riding wear. It does not pose a risk of damaging these materials, ensuring their longevity.

  4. Suitable for All Riders: Whether youre a beginner or a professional rider, this product is designed to provide a safe seat. It enhances grip and stability, which is essential for riders of all skill levels.

  5. Vegan: The product is vegan, meaning it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

  6. Silicone-Free: It is free from silicone, which is a common ingredient in many leather products but can sometimes leave a slippery residue.

  7. Mineral Oil-Free: The product does not contain mineral oils, which can be harmful to leather over time.

  8. Paraben-Free: Effax Leather-Grip-Stick is formulated without parabens, which are synthetic preservatives often found in cosmetics and personal care products.

  9. Microplastics-Free: This product does not contain microplastics, which are small plastic particles that can be harmful to the environment.

Overall, the Effax Leather-Grip-Stick is a vegan and eco-friendly solution for riders looking to improve their grip on leather surfaces while ensuring the safety and longevity of their riding gear.