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Covalliero Kids Quilted Coat

SKU 17762-AW23-NAVY-140-146
£42.75 GBP

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Covalliero Kids Quilted Coat: Your Childs Perfect Riding Companion!

The Covalliero Kids Quilted Coat is tailored to ensure your childs comfort, warmth, and freedom of movement during their equestrian adventures. With thoughtfully designed features, this coat combines style and practicality for young riders.

Elastic Inner Bands: Equipped with elastic inner bands, this coat securely attaches to the leg, preventing it from riding up during rides and keeping your child snug and protected in the saddle.

Handwarmer Pockets: Two handwarmer pockets, complete with zips, provide a cozy space for chilly hands and a safe spot for storing small essentials, ensuring your child stays comfortable and prepared during rides and outdoor activities.

Riding Slits: Featuring two riding slits with zip fasteners, this coat accommodates riders with ease. These slits allow for unhindered movement while keeping your child warm and comfortable in the saddle.

The Covalliero Kids Quilted Coat is not just a piece of riding attire; its a statement of comfort and practicality for young equestrians. Whether your child is exploring the stables, taking riding lessons, or participating in equestrian competitions, this coat is designed to meet their needs. Keep your young rider warm, stylish, and prepared for every ride with this essential addition to their equestrian wardrobe.