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Classic Single PolyPads

Colour: Black

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The Classic Single PolyPads are versatile saddle pads that offer several advantages:

  1. Adaptable Design: These PolyPads conform to the unique shape of individual horses and the fit of the saddle, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

  2. Effective Buffer: They serve as a highly efficient and effective buffer between the saddle and the horse, reducing pressure and friction to enhance comfort during rides.

  3. Machine Washable: You can easily maintain these saddle pads by machine washing them, making them a practical choice for regular use.

  4. Customizable Colors: The PolyPad collection offers an extensive range of colors, allowing you to choose a design that suits your style. Please note that specific color combinations may require a custom order, which might take up to two weeks.

  5. Size Range: These pads are designed to fit saddles ranging from 16 to 18 inches.

The Classic Single PolyPads are a reliable choice for riders looking to enhance both their horses comfort and their own riding experience.