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ARMA Numnah - Brown

£31.98 GBP

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The ARMA Numnah in Brown by Shires is a practical and comfortable choice for everyday use. Designed with the well-being of the horse in mind, it offers several features for both functionality and performance, including:

  1. Quilted Lining: The numnah is lined with a quilted material to enhance the horses comfort.

  2. Moisture-Wicking Material: The use of moisture-wicking material helps keep the horse dry and comfortable during rides.

  3. Neat, Snug Fit: The numnah is designed to fit neatly and snugly under the saddle, preventing bulk and discomfort.

  4. Girth Guide Straps: These straps assist in keeping the numnah in place during riding.

  5. Upper D Ring Straps: These straps are included to improve the fit and security of the numnah.

  6. Shires Branding: Shires branding is featured on the outer side of the numnah, indicating its quality and authenticity.

The ARMA Numnah in Brown is a reliable choice for riders who prioritize their horses comfort and performance, making it suitable for various equestrian activities.