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ARMA Air Defence Travel Boots - Black

£77.99 GBP

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ARMA Air Defence Travel Boots 

The ARMA Air Defence Travel Boots are designed to provide both style and protection for your horse during travel.

key features:

  • Set of 4: These travel boots come in a set of four, providing complete protection for all of your horses legs during transportation.

  • Smart-Looking: The boots have a stylish appearance that not only protects your horse but also looks great.

  • Highly Breathable: They are highly breathable, helping to keep your horses legs comfortable and dry during travel.

  • Tough Nylon Outer: The boots have a tough nylon outer, which is durable and helps withstand knocks and blows that may occur during transportation.

  • Dense Padding: The dense padding inside the boots adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your horses legs are well-cushioned.

  • Air Motion Lining: To assist with temperature regulation, the boots feature an Air Motion lining. This 3D fabric technology circulates air, wicking away moisture and ensuring maximum breathability.

  • Secure Touch-Close Straps: The boots have secure touch-close straps, allowing for full adjustability to achieve a secure and comfortable fit on your horses legs.

  • PVC Scuff Guards: The boots are equipped with PVC scuff guards, providing additional protection and durability, especially in high-wear areas.

The ARMA Air Defence Travel Boots are a complete set designed to offer both protection and style for your horse during transportation. The combination of breathable materials, dense padding, and scuff guards ensures your horses legs stay comfortable and well-protected on the move.