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Samshield ShieldRup Stirrups

£329.00 GBP
Colour: Chrome Black

Price Match Guarantee applies to footwear, helmets and body protectors. For full terms and conditions click here.

The Samshield ShieldRup Stirrup is a product designed with a strong focus on technology, innovation, and performance. Samshields commitment to providing the most advanced and high-performing products led to the creation of the ShieldRup. This stirrup represents a significant advancement in terms of safety, technical features, comfort, performance, and design.

During the design process of the ShieldRup, the primary goal was to create a stirrup that successfully combines all of these crucial elements. Years of study and research went into developing the ShieldRup, resulting in a product that seamlessly blends safety, technical innovation, rider comfort, and enhanced performance, all packaged in an innovative and stylish design.

The Samshield ShieldRup Stirrup is a testament to the brands dedication to pushing the boundaries of whats possible in equestrian equipment, providing riders with cutting-edge and high-quality products.