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WoofWear Kevlar Exercise Boots

SKU 10529-LRG

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WoofWear Kevlar Exercise Boots

The WoofWear Kevlar Exercise Boots provide exceptional protection for horses, especially those with a penchant for enthusiastic activities. Here are the key features:

  • Indestructible Protection: These boots are designed to offer near-indestructible protection, making them ideal for horses with high energy levels and those that are prone to overexcitement during activities.

  • 8mm Neoprene: The boots are constructed from 8mm neoprene, which provides excellent cushioning and support for the horses legs.

  • Kevlar® Lamination: To enhance durability and strength, the neoprene is laminated with Kevlar®, a highly resilient and tough material. This combination offers superior protection and longevity.

  • Ideal for Turnout: These boots are particularly well-suited for turnout, where horses may engage in active play and movements that can pose a risk to their legs.

WoofWear Kevlar Exercise Boots are an excellent choice for horse owners looking to provide their animals with top-tier leg protection, especially in situations where durability is essential.