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WoofWear Mud Fever Boots

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WoofWear Mud Fever Boot

The WoofWear Mud Fever Boot is an innovative solution designed to protect your horse's legs from mud fever while providing several benefits. Here are the key features:

  • Breathable and Waterproof: These turnout boots are constructed using breathable and waterproof materials, ensuring your horse's legs stay dry while allowing moisture to escape. This feature prevents the development of the warm and damp conditions in which bacteria that cause mud fever thrive.

  • Seals Leg: The boots seal the leg between the knee and below the heels, offering comprehensive protection in areas prone to mud fever.

  • Prevention and Recovery: Not only do these boots prevent mud fever, but they also aid in the recovery process for horses already affected by it.

Mud fever can be a troublesome condition for horses, and the WoofWear Mud Fever Boot provides a practical and effective solution to keep your horse's legs clean, dry, and free from this ailment.