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Succeed Granules

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SUCCEED offers complete digestive support for the horses in your care – naturally. It provides a unique blend of nutrients that are necessary for the health of the entire equine digestive tract despite the challenges inherent in modern care, feeding and competition.

SUCCEED includes support for both digestive anatomy (intestinal villi, enterocytes, intestinal mucosa) and function (healthy bacterial balance, digestion, feed transit through the digestive tract, etc.).

If you could keep your horse turned out to graze on quality pasture, and you had the ability to rotate pasture from time to time, there would be few demands on the horse’s digestive system. Your horse would most likely get all the nutrition and care it needs. But in the performance world, this is not practical. If any of the following lifestyles apply to your horse, then it’s likely that your horse can benefit from the specialised nutrients in Succeed Products.

  • Confined to a stall 6 or more hours a day
  • Exercised regularly, especially rigorously
  • Travels to events or shows once per month or more
  • Fed two or three times per day
  • Used as a stallion or brood mare
  • Turned out to graze for less than 18 hours per day
  • Fed concentrates such as processed grain, pellets, or sweet feed
  • A foal facing the challenges of development, weaning or sales prep

Intructions for Use

Just one scoop of SUCCEED granules (27 grams), applied directly on top of feed once each day, and you’re done. No mixing. No adding other ingredients.


You can expect to see some results within 30 days, but wait 90 days for SUCCEED to take full effect.