NAF Five Star Laminaze


NAF Five Star Laminaze

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Horses and ponies on restricted grass intake require additional support to remain fit and healthy. Laminaze is a unique blend of over 40 ingredients combining with key gut support, bio-available sulphur and targeted nutrients, in a palatable formula to maintain hoof health and improve their diet and lifestyle. Prebiotics and live probiotics are included for their ability to a stable, healthy gut environment. Naturally sourced antioxidants are present to support the liver. Bio-available sulphur (MSM) is recommended for supporting healthy hoof growth and strong sulphur bonds within the laminae. Laminaze contains all the key nutrients for optimal dietary support, especially around the time of year when spring and autumn flushes of grass occur.

Directions for use:

Feed prior to the onset of spring grass growth for prone individuals. May be fed all year round where history dictates.

Horses & Ponies

Loading rate (7-10 days) 50-75g per day (2-3 scoops)

Daily 25-50g (1-2 scoops)