FreeJump Soft-up Pro Black/Vanilla


FreeJump Soft-up Pro Black/Vanilla

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The Freejump Soft’Up Pro Safety Stirrups are a new single branch riding stirrup that combines comfort, safety and simplicity.

It’s patented and flexible outer branch is made of Elastollan® and helps to free the foot in case of a fall.

Combining a non-skid wide elastomer floor that is removable and an ABS shell the stirrups guarantee you the best riding conditions. A high resistance spring steel monobranch offers high mechanical resistance

These stirrups are a revolutionary design that have been fashioned to place your feet in the optimum position.

The branch and tread provide a natural slope and the bevelled rear edge offer enhanced stability. An open eye allows for easy fastening to your stirrup leathers, making them extremely easy to change between saddles. The eye is set at a 45 degree angle which allows the stirrups to hang perfectly from your leathers.