Equine America Ventilator 500g

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Equine America Ventilator 500g

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Equine America Ventilator supports natural respiration.


The horse’s respiratory system is challenged on a daily basis, both with athletic effort, in training and competition, and through environmental challenges such as dust and spores from hay and bedding.

Ventilator is a natural supplement specially formulated using a unique combination of herbs and natural ingredients, known to support all aspects of respiratory health and performance.

Ventilator also includes Echinacea, to provide support for the immune system.

Available 500g (one month’s supply) 

Feeding Directions: For 500kg horse; for initial 5 days: 30g per day. Thereafter; 15g per day. Maximum; 30g per day. 

Additives (per kg): Sensory additives: 2b Echinacea 20,000mg, 2b Eucalyptus oil 1000mg. 

Composition: Alfalfa Meal, Dried Seaweed, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Nettle (14%), Kelp Powder, Garlic, Astragalus Membranaceous, Fenugreek, Elecampane Root. 

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein  5.7%
Crude Fibre  20.0%
Sodium                                      <1.0%
Crude Oil 2.0%
Crude Ash                     10.0%