Equine America Fungatrol Spray 500ml

Equine America

Equine America Fungatrol Spray 500ml

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Equine America Fungatrol Spray combats the effects that exposure to rain and mud can have on a horse’s legs and back are distressing and often very painful. To avoid these problems can mean keeping horses in all winter, but not any more – thanks to The Fungatrol Range! The Fungatrol Range, with its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients. It will also protect and condition your horses skin, coat and hooves all year round. Combining potent ingredients with a gentle action for amazing results.

Fungatrol Spray – A ‘leave on’ water-based spray containing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients with added coat conditioners. After washing the horse with Fungatrol Shampoo spray all over to maintain healthy supple skin.

If you have a horse or pony suffering the effects of mud fever, ringworm and also any other fungal and bacterial infection. For best results may I suggest you use Fungatrol Shampoo first. Then followed by Fungatrol Cream, then spray the Fungatrol Spray over the affected a