Crib Halt (Capsaicin Free)


Crib Halt (Capsaicin Free)

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Discourage your horse from cribbing or chewing by applying Forans Crib Halt ointment to the surface. 


New CRIB-HALT is a strong anti-crib biting gel which is Capsaicin free making it safe for use wherever there are race and competition horses. As ever it is shower proof water repelling and highly effective on stable doors, paddock rails, bark, stalls, rugs and bandages.

CRIB-HALT is a distasteful deterrent gel which can be applied by brush or gloved hand. It is easily removed after use by washing with warm soapy water.

Additional Info

For best results ensure a thick layer is applied and re-apply as soon as any thinning occurs. Original Crib-Halt may still be available in your area. Please check with your nearest supplier if the Capsaicin containing formula is available if required but be aware that Capsaicin is listed as a prohibited substance.