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CC European Cotton GP/Jump Square

£49.00 GBP
Colour: White

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The CC European Cotton GP/Jump Square is a top-quality saddle pad designed with various technical features for the comfort and performance of both horse and rider during GP/jumping activities. It includes:

  • Highest Quality Cotton: Made from premium cotton material for durability and comfort.
  • GP/Jump Cut: Designed with a GP/jump cut to suit various riding disciplines.
  • High Wither Design: Tailored for horses with high withers to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • New Spine and Girth Cover Design: Offers added protection and comfort in the spine and girth areas.
  • Decorative Twisted Rope Edging: Provides an elegant and decorative touch to the pad.
  • Cutaway Hem: Allows for a better fit and enhanced freedom of movement.
  • Wicking Fibers in the Filling: Draws away sweat and moisture to keep the horses back dry.
  • Anti-Rub Protection: Ensures protection against rubbing or discomfort.
  • Adjustable D Loop Straps: Offers flexibility for securing the pad in place.
  • Dimensions: The saddle pad measures 66cm in length and 56cm in depth.
  • Complimentary Storage Bag: Comes with a reusable zip-fastened storage bag for convenient storage and transport.

This European Cotton GP/Jump Square is a well-equipped and stylish choice for riders looking for a comfortable and functional saddle pad with a European touch.