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Caniglo liquid for dogs

by TRM
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A feeding oil rich in Omega Fatty Acids for a Healthy, Shiny Coat. CANIGLO is a liquid feed supplement manufactured with pure Cod Liver Oil. It is rich in the Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6. These cannot be made by the body and must be provided in the diet. An adequate intake of Essential Fatty Acids will help maintain a healthy, soft shiny coat and good skin condition. Your dog will feel good inside, and look great outside. CANIGLO contains 100% Pure Cod Liver Oil. Each 10 ml contains: Omega 3 fatty acids 2,055mg, EPA 601mg, DHA 897mg, Omega 6 fatty acids 693mg, Omega 9 fatty acids 2,035mg, Vitamin A 8,325iu, Vitamin D 832iu. Feeding Guide CANIGLO is a palatable feeding oil, mix well into feed. Small dogs (Up to 5 kg): Feed 2.5 ml - 5 ml daily. Medium dogs (5kg to 15kg): Feed 5 ml - 7.5 ml daily. Large dogs (15kg to 30kg): Feed 7.5 ml - 10 ml daily. Very Large dogs (Over 30kgs): Feed 10 ml - 15 ml daily. A dosing pump which dispenses 2 ml and a measuring cup are enclosed in each pack. CANIGLO Liquid is available in two sizes: 200ml & 500ml