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Boredom Breaker - Purple

by Likit
SKU 10769

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The Boredom Breaker in a vibrant purple hue is the perfect equine enrichment tool designed to keep your horse entertained and mentally engaged. To set it up, simply hang it from a sturdy beam, away from any walls, and insert one or two little Likits. As your horse licks the Likits, the Boredom Breaker will move and spin, adding an extra level of challenge to the activity.

This innovative device is especially beneficial for horses and ponies on box rest, providing them with a stimulating and interactive way to pass the time. The Boredom Breaker encourages natural licking behavior, helping reduce stress and boredom while promoting mental and physical well-being. Add a splash of fun and enrichment to your horse's day with the Boredom Breaker – it's an ideal addition to your equine care routine.