Pre – race Energy Booster Syringe Bioactive is a scientifically formulated combination of natural raw materials. Each of these ingredients have been chosen for their individual energy and vitality giving... Learn More

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Maintains hooves in good condition If the hoof horn is deprived of correct nutrients irregularities, such as cracks or brittle crumbling hooves, can occur. Learn More

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Chelated Copper Gel

Chelated Copper Gel greatly enhances the absorption of the copper across the gut wall into the horses body. Learn More

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Chelated Copper Syrup

Chelated Copper Syrup was formulated to provide horses with an easily absorbed form of copper. Learn More

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DCP + D3

DCP + D3 is a complemmentary feedingstuff for horses, designed to provide a balanced ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus in the diet for young growing horses,  adult horses receiving feed... Learn More

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Electrolyte Gold

Electrolyte Gold is a balanced electrolyte that has been scientifically formulated to care for exercising horses’ needs, containing essential electrolytes and vitamins in an amino acid and glucose base. Learn More

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Garlic Powder

Encourages a robust appetite TRMʼs Garlic Powder is widely recommended for its health giving properties, to keep your horse in top condition. It will also add flavour to a horseʼs... Learn More

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Good As Gold + Mag

Suitable for addition to the feed of nervous, hot or highly strung horses. Learn More

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Good As Gold Paste

Good as Gold Paste is an effective, and convenient feed supplement, specially designed for nervous, hot or stressed horses. Learn More

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Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets

For Healthy Hooves Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets contains all the supplemental nutrients required to develop and maintain a healthy and supple hoof in a convenient daily 50g serving. Learn More

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Iron & B Vitamin Tonic IronXcell is a premium Iron Enriched B vitamin syrup. It also contains Sorbitol, which enhances the serum concentrations that result from the oral administration of... Learn More

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B Vitamin Booster Syringe Multiplex is a B Vitamin booster syringe that can be given weekly to horses in training, to promote a good appetite or as a pre –... Learn More

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